Hilary is a multidiscipline artist and health professional who sees the value of the arts

within healthcare. She began her journey as a dance artist and teacher in St. John’s,

Newfoundland. Always academic, her love of dance drew her to study kinesiology as it

merged her passion of dance with science. She learned to analyze movement from a

biomechanical and physiological perspective. Feeling pulled towards healthcare, Hilary

pursued a master’s in public health focusing on population and community health. This 

opened her mind to view health from a holistic perspective, where environments, society,

and economic trends impact health. Her current interests involve how community intervention

and design can influence socialization, loneliness and mental health. 


Seeing the benefit of movement and dance for health, her goal has been to integrate dance into her practice as a health care practitioner. Today Hilary a registered occupational therapist, and holds a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Toronto. Occupational Therapy has been an excellent backdrop for her goal, as it is a well-balanced combination psychology, cognition, and physical health. It allows her to be creative when working with her clients to help them achieve their goals. She has completed multiple trainings in adaptive dance and last summer she began her Alternate Route training in Dance Movement Therapy at the National Centre for Dance Therapy of Les Grands Ballet in Montreal. With this training, she is learning to use dance and movement within a psychotherapeutic practice to help people recover from trauma, anxiety, depression, and chronic illnesses. She is currently pursuing qualifications to become a registered dance movement therapist (R-DMT) with the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA). She is currently supervised by Joanabbey Sacks (BC-DMT), dance movement therapist and part-time faculty in the Department of Creative Arts Therapies, Concordia University. 


Hilary sees the benefit of movement, as it can be a way to work through problems, express emotions, develop self-esteem, strength, and new movement patterns. Always considering the big picture, she enjoys working with people of all ages and abilities to increase function and quality of life.




▫ 2019: Alternate Route Dance Therapy Training Part 1

▫ 2018-2019: Sharing Dance in the Classroom and the Community (National Ballet School)

▫ 2019: Social Arts Intervention Training (National Centre for Dance Therapy & Cirque du Monde)

▫ 2018: Sharing Dance with Seniors (National Ballet School & Baycrest Longterm Care Home)

▫ 2018: Dance for PD: Introductory & Advanced Training Workshop

▫ 2018: People Dancing, The Foundation for Community Dance: Parkinson’s Online Programme

▫ 2017: National Ballet School: Creative Movement for Young Children with Mary Ann Lee (National Ballet School)

Hilary Walsh B.Kin(hons), MPH, MScOT, O.T.(R) NL