• Hilary Walsh

Article review: How we use our bodies to navigate a pandemic, New York Times. Author: Gia Kourlas

How have you been navigating the pandemic? Have you become more observant of who enters your now 6-foot kinesphere (personal space bubble)?

Within the New York Times article, How we use our bodies to navigate a pandemic (Kouras, 2020), the author reflects her own movement observations as our society has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. In the article, she observes how people are moving in relation to one another, as they navigate using the six feet rule of social distancing.

The article brings up the concept of movement and dance. How all movement can look like a dance when we view and analyze it from different perspectives. For example, rules of the escalator. How many times would I become frustrated when I would be walking up an escalator on the left hand side only to find someone blocking my way. It's interesting to reflect on how society creates choreographic rules of movement.

When you begin to observe movement you begin to see individual movement patterns. Each person has their own way of moving throughout the world. Maybe you swing your arms a lot, maybe you have a tendency to look toward the ground. When you begin to bring awareness to your own movement patterns you may begin to find out more about yourself. What do you notice of your own movement patterns?

Please see the article below. Excellent read.

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