Individual Dance Movement Therapy 
*Now offering online sessions

One on one dance therapy sessions, using dance-based interventions and/or psychotherapy designed to address client centred goals. Available to clients of all ages and abilities. Sessions may include; use of rhythm, movement activities, and use of props to build movement expression and journaling etc.

Group Dance Movement Therapy

An opportunity for individuals to engage as a group to work toward common goals and shared interests. Mental health, and wellbeing are the focus of the groups. Themes explored relate to mental health, wellbeing, and may focus on improving self-esteem, confidence, working through grief, anxiety, depression, and developing skills and strategies to manage mental wellness. 

Group Adapted Dance

A recreational-dance practice adjusted for people with special needs. An opportunity for individuals to learn dance in a supportive social setting where classes are adapted and structured to match the strengths and abilities of dancers. Dancers will engage in a variety of dance styles including, creative movement, ballet, jazz, hip hop, and partner dance! Dancers will learn at their own pace, have fun, and build both dance and life skills.

These classes are in partnership with Steffen Dance Studio please see link for details. 

Seniors Groups

Experience the benefits of movement with others to enhance overall health & wellness. Programs are designed to address issues relating, but not limited to; Parkinson's, Post Stroke, Dementia, Brain Injury, Chronic Pain & Mental Health. Please contact for schedule & registration details.

Workshops & In-Services

Presentations include:

  • Dance movement therapy information, application & practice

  • Demonstration of dance movement therapy interventions

  • Latest evidence based dance movement therapy research